Greater Tunapuna Chamber: Not business as usual

The sign welcoming visitors to Tunapuna.   PHOTO COURTESY TPRC
The sign welcoming visitors to Tunapuna. PHOTO COURTESY TPRC

The Greater Tunapuna Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GTCIC) is appealing to citizens to follow guidelines of the ministries of Health, National Security and other established authorities when it comes to dealing with the covid19 outbreak. They said the current situation is not business as usual.
The chamber said it agrees with government’s use of the Quarantine Act, as irresponsible behaviour will make the work harder on first responders, as well as increase the spread of the virus. It said it understands there is no surety when this situation will end and believes an estimate of two months by government, in the first instance, with the after effects of as much as 18 months, is a safe one.
The organisation thanked government for engaging the business community early, taking their feedback into consideration and committing to ongoing dialogue. It said it will continue to work with government, business and the wider community to do all it can to successfully "flatten the curve."
The chamber commended government for its productive and proactive response to the ongoing covid19 pandemic, by continually putting measures in place to comfort and protect businesses, citizens, first responders and by so doing, ensuring the country keeps functioning at an acceptable level given current circumstances.
GTCIC expressed its gratitude to the greater Tunapuna business community, the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation and others for their efforts to make work and public spaces in the region more sanitised and healthy. It applauded the work of the essential services - healthcare workers, first responders, security services, public utilities and others - for their continued efforts in serving the nation during this difficult period.


"Greater Tunapuna Chamber: Not business as usual"

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