CoP: No loitering allowed

Gary Griffith -
Gary Griffith -

IRRESPONSIBLE citizens who choose not to practice social distancing as requested by the Prime Minister could be liable to a fine of two hundred dollars or a month in jail.

So said the Commissioner of Police in a TTPS media release.

The release said loitering laws would be enforced if necessary to keep people from gathering in large crowds during the covid19 pandemic.

“Gary Griffith says this is being done in line with the request of the Honourable Prime Minister and Chairman of the National Security Council to members of the public to act in a very responsible way in the coming weeks.”

Police said via the release that, for the most part, citizens have adhered to Dr Rowley’s call on Monday for bars to be closed, restaurants to curtail their businesses and for people not to gather in groups larger than ten.

However, there still may be a few who may refuse to adhere to the request. The release said that could affect the health and safety of the entire country.

“Griffith hopes that the TTPS would not have to resort to this, and he hopes that common sense would prevail.”

Griffith assured via the release there would be heightened patrols across the country as authorities fight the covid19 outbreak.


"CoP: No loitering allowed"

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