Business talks on covid19 productive

Chamber CEO Gabriel Faria -
Chamber CEO Gabriel Faria -

THE TT Chamber of Industry and Commerce CEO Gabriel Faria on Wednesday described as productive Tuesday's meeting between the National Tripartite Advisory Council (NTAC) and the private sector on the issue of pandemic leave for workers in light of the covid19 situation.

Faria said, "We look forward to seeing the many points on which agreement were reached, reflected in the guidelines that will go to Cabinet." He added, "We are confident that the businesses will be as supportive as they can be depending on their individual financial limitations."

In the Senate on Tuesday, Labour Minister Jennifer Baptiste-Primus will consider recommendations for pandemic leave to be granted to workers as the country deals with the covid19 pandemic. Baptiste-Primus added that she concluded a virtual meeting between NTAC and private sector representatives and the recommendations will go to Cabinet on Wednesday. A statement on the policy was to be announced at a post-Cabinet briefing.

AmCham CEO Nirad Tiwarie -

American Chamber of Commerce (Amcham) CEO Nirad Tewarie, who also participated in Tuesday's meeting said, "We had a good and productive meeting and look forward to seeing the many points on which agreement was reached reflected in the guidelines that will go to Cabinet.'

Tewarie added, "The Government made it clear that these are guidelines, and we support this approach."

He told Amcham members that that the chamber will be creating new ways to serve them. "We like you, will leverage the opportunity to make more effective use of technology."

Tewarie observed that while "these are times that are breeding fear, the situation that faces us should also inspire optimism and hope that new opportunities emerge."


"Business talks on covid19 productive"

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