President calls for calm, empathy

President Paula Mae Weekes. Photo by Ayanna Kinsale
President Paula Mae Weekes. Photo by Ayanna Kinsale

President Paula Mae-Weekes is calling on citizens to remain calm in the face of the health crisis being faced by TT. She said empathy, kindness and compassion are paramount in this time.

In a release, the President thanked medical personnel for their service and dedication at the frontlines of the fight. She urged the public to exercise rigid social responsibility.

“I appeal to you to remain calm, now is not the time for criticisms and recriminations. Together, we must focus on what needs to be done to get as many of us through this as safely as possible. We’ll resume the river limes, the church services, the bar scene and feting when the crisis is over but as it is likely to get worse before it gets better, we need to hold strain.”

She urged the public to follow the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health, as it might be a matter of life or death for someone.

“Wash your hands, frequently and thoroughly. Resist the urge to touch your face, especially after touching unsanitised surfaces. When greeting friends and acquaintances, do not shake hands, hug or kiss. Avoid gatherings of more than 25 where the potential for spreading the virus multiplies exponentially.

"For those of us not in the high-risk categories, consider that we are likely to be in physical contact with someone who is – a family member, a colleague, a fellow passenger. Please observe the advice as if your life depended on it. Someone’s does.”

The President said while the faithful would be moved to prayer, hopefully while practising social distancing, empathy, kindness and compassion are paramount, regardless of religious belief. She called on the public to assist others, whether an elderly neighbour unable to visit the grocery or pharmacy, the disadvantaged lacking the wherewithal to access necessary supplies, or any others who need it and to remember all of us are our brothers’ and sisters’ keeper.


"President calls for calm, empathy"

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