Police kill man after home invasion in Goodwood Park

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The police killed the third man for the week in a shoot-out on Tuesday after a home invasion.

They were alerted after a woman who was among several people being held at gunpoint in Goodwood Park messaged a relative and told him what was happening.

Police reports said the man, who is yet to be identified, died at the St James Health Facility after being shot by members of the joint army patrol.

A media release said the unit was on mobile patrol around 12.30 pm when a man stopped them and said a relative of his was being held against her will by an intruder at a house at Ascot Road, Goodwood Park.

The police went to the house and found the man, who was armed with a gun. After they called on him to drop the gun, he pointed it at them. They shot him before he could shoot at them.

Police said they rescued three women who were in the house. They found a Glock pistol and a quantity of ammunition. .

In a social media post on Tuesday, a woman related to those who were attacked thanked the police, but gave a different version of events.

She wrote: “Hi everyone. Thanks for the concern. A gunman broke into our house while my mother, brother, sister and housekeeper were there. He held them up at gunpoint for about 30 minutes and mom gave them everything she had.

"My sister managed to text our family chat before having her phone taken away, so the family and police were able to respond. When the gunman heard beeping, he went to see what was happening and mom managed to lock everyone safely into the bedrooms.

"The police responded extremely quickly and efficiently and engaged the man in a gunfight in which he was shot. Our family remained safe."

Her version also differd from the police version when, in commending the police, she said they "were on the scene within ten minutes of a phone call being placed to 999.”

On Monday police killed Brian Seepersad, one of the five inmates who escaped from the Youth Training Centre (YTC) last year. Seepersad died around 12.30 pm, at Second Caledonia Extension, Morvant.

He was the second man police killed in Morvant on Monday. Brandon Rojas, 25, of Morvant, was killed during the same police exercise, around 7 am.


"Police kill man after home invasion in Goodwood Park"

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