Guyana heightens covid19 measures

David Granger  -
David Granger -

Guyana on Wednesday intensified its efforts to combat the threat of the covid19 pandemic. A report on the Demerara Waves website said Guyana President David Granger has introduced sweeping measures to combat covid19.

These may include the destruction of personal property, compulsory hospitalisation, and the spending of money from the Consolidated Fund. Referring to provisions in Guyana's constitution, Granger said covid19 is an infectious disease that requires the public health minister to restrain, segregate and isolate people suffering from the disease, or from exposure to people with the virus.

In the Gazette, Public Health Minister, Volda Lawrence, is empowered by the President to remove, disinfect and destroy the personal effects, goods, buildings and any other article, material or thing exposed to infection.

She is required to facilitate speedy burial or cremation of the dead, facilitate house-to-house visits and inspections, promote cleanliness, ventilation and disinfection. Lawrence is also required to take steps to prevent the spread of covid19 on the seas, rivers and waters of Guyana and on the high seas within 12 miles of the baseline as well as on land.

The education minister and citizenship and immigration minister have been instructed by Granger to prevent the spread of covid19 in all educational institutions and in accordance with relevant immigration laws. Schools in Guyana have been ordered closed between March 16 to 27. All public schools are also being sprayed.

Guyana's Civil Aviation Authority has closed the country’s two international airports, except for medical evacuations, emergency landing and refuelling. Granger has asked citizens, residents, tourists and members of the private sector to obey lawful directives and advisories issued by appropriate government agencies to prevent further transmission of covid19.


"Guyana heightens covid19 measures"

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