FB user sorry for leaking covid 19 patient identity

A social media user issued an apology to a national athlete after identifying him on Facebook as testing positive for covid19.

On Thursday morning, a screenshot of a Facebook post went viral via Whatsapp. The post, which was taken down soon after, indicated that a national athlete (name called) tested positive for coronavirus and urged those affiliated with the athlete over the past few days, to get tested.

The user revealed she received a WhatsApp message from a prominent, veteran local cyclist requesting that officials and athletes, who had been in contact with the sportsman, immediately seek medical attention.

Her post read, “National cyclist (name called) has tested positive for covid19. He is at Caura Hospital. I just received this message via WhatsApp and (name called) is asking to send this out to inform everyone who was present at the National Cycling Velodrome last weekend to go get tested.”

However, after Newsday contacted the athlete, he expressed disgust with the woman’s public message and stated via private message, ““I was upset. She had no respect for my personal information.”

Hours later, the user sent the athlete a private message apologizing for her actions by stating she had no intention to tarnish his reputation. She also claimed to be involved in multiple sports including cycling and hoped he had a speedy recovery.

It read: “In my humbleness, I did not post to be malicious or mischievous. I am an avid cycling fan from since I was age five. My three brothers were cyclists, my son is a cyclist, my cousins are cyclists and my nephew-in-law (name omitted) is a cyclist. I am always attending cycling meets, even when there are no spectators to cheer you guys on.

“I support athletes, so much that I bring few of the track and field athletes to my home and feed them with nutritious meals, sometimes they even stay for weekend. I am not inclined to tear down an athlete, and in no way my post was to bring you down or to make you look bad.

“I sincerely wished that you take my response in good faith and I sincerely wish for you to make a full, restored recovery. I am God-fearing and trust in Him that will see us (through) these turbulence times. I understand the situation and would be more responsible in sharing stuff. It brings me to a learning curb.”


"FB user sorry for leaking covid 19 patient identity"

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