Trini Twitter parties despite covid19

"TRINIS know how to party" is not a statement to be taken lightly as technology and the urge for a good lime bypassed the ban on social gathering due to covid19, to create a virtual party.

Shanice Charles, Aidan De Gannes and Ajala Pilgrim fused their expertise and the need for a good lime on Monday night, hours after the Prime Minister declared no social gathering of over 25 people. The trio rallied 500 people to party with them.

The party was held on Twitter.For over two hours, people at the party watched De Gannes playing music and chat with each other in the comments section.

No fights were reported.

Partygoers entered with the hashtag #VSD, which stood for Virtual Shindig. Pilgrim, a social media manager, created the hashtag. He said the concept was given to Charles years ago, a pun on her nickname “Shin.” Charles, a final-year student doing a degree in human resources, celebrated her 28th birthday on Monday and wanted to party but could not because of the need for social distancing.

“In 2018 I did a wings lime called 'Wingdom' and from there Ajala has been playing around with 'Shindig.' My birthday is usually during Lent so I had to do it either after Lent or not at all and with the announcement about closing bars people needed a good lime. I was like I will have a party on the timeline.”

Charles, an event committee member for Lost Tribe, added: “I guess it was boredom as well. Yesterday (Monday) I was happy. It was amusing. That is what we here for. This is what I want to do, come on the timeline to make people happy. Good vibes, and make people laugh.”

Pilgrim said the aim was not to make money, and while others have been asking for another virtual party, he is not sure when that will happen. He added that there had been an informal virtual party before, but with far fewer people joining and staying on for the duration.

“People were restless. We had an active 500 'lives,' and at least 12,000 unique accounts passed through.

"It was like a real party, with people making announcements about which car needs to move. There were people posting their drinks.

"Some missed it and are asking when is the next one. We didn’t plan to do others, but I think we will link with DJ Puffy from Barbados and have a Trini/Bajan party.

"Aidan accustomed to going live on Periscope, but would usually peak at 70-80 people. We were really surprised when we reached 250. It lasted two hours and 35 minutes – that is almost a boat cruise.”

De Gannes, a national hockey player, said with covid19 ending sporting activities, he had more time to be the DJ for the night. He said he usually goes live when he is playing, but never with such a large viewing, adding that based on the response, he may do so each week until the social-gathering ban is lifted.

“I was a bit tired, but every time I looked at the chat and the way people were excited it gave me a renewed strength. If I didn’t have work, I would have gone on longer. We started at 7.30, was supposed to begin at 7. My sister messaged me while I was playing to ask why she was not invited to my virtual party.”

Charles added: “During this time we really need that good vibes and need that energy. I was reminding people to wash their hands before they come in the party.

"I am planning to do a physical shindig when this is over. I know someone who will be celebrating a birthday on Friday so I may do another virtual party then.”

The social distancing associated with covid19 has cancelled concerts globally as well as sporting events. Entertainers are seeking alternative ways to entertain their audiences. International acts Coldplay and John Legend have both held "concerts" with the hashtag #TogetherAtHome on Instagram.


"Trini Twitter parties despite covid19"

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