Riot at Golden Grove prison

Acting Prisons Commissioner Dennis Pulchan.
Acting Prisons Commissioner Dennis Pulchan.

A riot broke out at the remand section of the Golden Grove Prison on Tuesday.

The riot is being streamed live from inside the prison, and prisoners could be heard saying, “We not dying from no corona.”

They claim there are oppressive conditions in the prison as the courts are on lockdown because of the coronoavirus and they have been left without trial dates.

In the live video, men could be seen with T-shirts covering their faces, chanting, “We want we freedom”

“These people are not violent,” said a prisoner. “They want their freedom.”

The person livestremaing the riot went from prisoner to prisoner asking them to tell their families they love them.

Comissioner of Prisons Dennis Pulchan told Newsday he was en route to the prison to assess the situation.


"Riot at Golden Grove prison"

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