Lifeguard, vendors take covid19 precautions

Lifeguard Neil Potts wears a dust mask while on duty on Monday at Store Bay. - KINNESHA GEORGE-HARRY
Lifeguard Neil Potts wears a dust mask while on duty on Monday at Store Bay. - KINNESHA GEORGE-HARRY


A common-sense approach has been taken by vendors at the Store Bay Beach Facility to reduce the spread of the covid19, protecting not only themselves but also their customers and visitors to the facility.

On Monday when Newsday visited the beach facility, it seemed as business as usual as business owners and visitors were seen engaging in regular day-to-day activities.

One businessman who spoke on the condition of anonymity said while the situation is depressing, personal hygiene is important.

“I mean this is a serious situation, but we know what we’re supposed to do to protect ourselves and prevent the spread.

“Currently, we’re being kept abreast of things by the Ministry of Health and other partners, so I think people just need to be responsible,” he said.

Another vendor said she appreciated the turnout at the beach.

“Everything is normal here. We were hardly getting tourist anyways, so this threat of corona is just adding to the pressures at the beach, but today, the turnout looks good so far,” she said.

A craft vendor told Newsday: “Thankfully we have no cases confirmed or even suspected here in Tobago and we want to keep it just like that. It’s just regular business here for us, I have to eat, if I don’t come out here how am I getting money to do my regular stuff?

"We know what we have to do, which is observe our regular personal hygiene. Wash your hands regularly and maintaining social distance by avoiding large gatherings and close contact with people who are sick are two of the easiest ways to prevent the spread of this corona. Everyone has a personal responsibility.”

UK visitors Dwane and Mary Perez said when they landed at the ANR Robinson International Airport, Crown Point one week ago, no questions were asked about their travels, nor any pamphlets given out advising on covid19.

“When we got here it was smooth sailing… no one asked any questions, we had our temperatures checked and then we were able to disembark and check in at our hotel. We’re here for another week vacay and then we leave Tobago. I don’t feel sick and neither does Mary, we’re fine."

Dwane said he understands the need for precautions.

“Our vacation in Tobago has been nothing short of magnificent, but with no cases thus far, the island needs to be more protected.”

He believes more should be done beyond the temperature check currently employed.

“I know they cannot sample every single person who visits but one ounce of prevention is definitely better than cure, under the circumstance.”

Meanwhile, lifeguards on duty were seen wearing dusk masks as they kept their eyes on the beach goers.

“I’m here to do my job… If someone is in distress I have to go to their rescue, I have on the mask now but I’m not sure if it will hold up when I get in the water, but for now I am wearing my mask,” lifeguard Neil Potts said.

According to the World Health Organization, "If you are healthy, you only need to wear a mask if you are taking care of a person with suspected 2019-nCoV infection."

Dust masks are not effective in protection against the novel coronavirus.


"Lifeguard, vendors take covid19 precautions"

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