Digicel: No refund on sports packages

SEVERAL local, regional and international sporting events have either been postponed or cancelled as a safety measure to prevent the spread of covid19. As a result, Digicel will offer a 50 per cent discount to customers who wish to purchase other premium packages as they seek other forms of entertainment.

The more popular sports in TT include football, cricket and basketball, which have all been significantly affected.

Among the major events put on pause are the UEFA Champion’s League, the English Premier League, La Liga and the 2020 NBA Championship. The 2020 Indian Premier League, which was due to run from March 29 to May 24, has also been delayed.

Digicel has a Sports + plan which includes 17 sports channels for $79 per month. This includes SportsMax, SportsMax 2, ESPN Caribbean, ESPN 2, Flow Sports, Fox Soccer Channel, NBC Sports Network, Trace Sports TV, Big Ten Network, NBA TV, Cars TV, World Fishing, Golf, Outdoor Channel, Fight Sports, ESPN U, and ESPN SEC.

It also offers Sportsmax for $69, and Sport Americana - which consists of Big Ten Network, Golf and NBA TV - for $39. Speaking with Newsday on Monday afternoon, head of Digicel Home and Entertainment Navin Balkissoon said there are no refunds scheduled for packages that have already been paid for and used.

He said while the company has noted a “subsequent decline in viewership” of sports channels, “We are seeing increased viewership of other forms of content with persons being home and seeking to be entertained.”

He said customers can contact the company’s telesales team to discuss other options. “For instance, they may wish to take a kids plan or movies plan in lieu of the change in the sporting line up.” The customer will receive 50 per cent off any of the premium add-ons they choose.

The discount will be available until April 30.


"Digicel: No refund on sports packages"

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