IMAX to remain open

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CinemaONE Ltd is implementing measures to combat the spread of the covid19 virus. The company said they will be taking all necessary precautions for the well-being of patrons who visit their theatres at One Woodbrook Place, Woodbrook.

In a media release, CinemaOne said they will not be allowing more than 50 patrons in the IMAX or 4DX showings. The smaller Gemstone theatres have the largest audience at 30 patrons.

They are sanitising high-touch surfaces throughout the spaces, including handrails, trays, counters, door handles and furnishings. They are also working with team members on shift to frequently sanitise between movie show times.

CinemaONE Ltd said it continues to monitor the Government and the Ministry of Health’s notices and response to the nation’s preventative and preparedness plans regarding covid19.


"IMAX to remain open"

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