Relatives of murder victim: What happens to the children?

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Relatives of Brian Belasco, the 28-year-old man who was shot dead in Valencia, lamented the fate of the children of murder victims, as their own relative leaves behind two girls under the age of five.

Speaking at the Forensic Science Centre in St James on Monday, relatives described his murder which took place on Paradise lane, Valencia, on Sunday night.

“What is the outcome of this?” asked one relative. “Now his children are left without a father. They (the killers) don’t think about these things?

“All these murders over the past few years what will happen to the children?

"Especially the boys, it will be worse for them. They would end up in a life of crime because there won’t be anyone to guide them in the right way. Some will grow up angry and bitter, and the cycle will continue.”

Relatives said they did not know why anyone would want to kill Belasco, but pointed out that if he had conflict with anyone he would not say as he was a quiet person.

Belasco worked as a labourer who would normally do construction work.

Relatives described him as a family-oriented person who would give his last for his relatives. They said he moved from Sea Lots where he originally lived to Valencia four years ago, and said he had gotten into trouble when he lived in Sea Lots, but turned over a new leaf when he moved out.

Police indicated he was known to them in relation to assault and drug charges. He was also arrested along with two other men in Arouca in July last year after a search of a car in which they occupied resulted in the discovery of a firearm and a quantity of ammunition.


"Relatives of murder victim: What happens to the children?"

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