Nedco launches new logo and tagline

Nedco chairman Clarry Benn
Nedco chairman Clarry Benn

In an effort to realign the company’s brand with its mandate of being the state enterprise tasked with development of the micro and small enterprises (MSE) sector, the National Entrepreneurship Development Company Limited (Nedco) has launched a new logo and tagline.

The new Nedco logo retains the national colours red, black and white colours to identify with a strong national identity, as well as underscore Nedco’s commitment to national development, with particular emphasis on women owned businesses; youth; disabled persons; low-income, high-risk business loan applicants; and the emerging national economic sectors.

And in keeping with Nedco’s rebranding as the premier agency for the facilitation of local entrepreneurial development, the font is clear, strong and modern.

The new logo is led by a motif with the connected letters ‘n’ and ‘c’, indicating that Nedco provides services that are strategically linked to assist the entrepreneur as he/she progresses along the entrepreneurial journey from idea creation to commercialisation and all the areas in between. ‘Supporting Sustaining Succeeding’ is the new tagline.

It is expected to communicate the full story of Nedco, as a path to success – what the company does, what it aims at and what can be achieved with Nedco.

The new brand repositions the company as the one-stop shop for the entrepreneurial development services required to grow a business from idea to successful commercialisation: small business financing; entrepreneurial training; business assessment; mentorship; business advisory; and client-focused services.

A release from Nedco quoted Clarry Benn, Nedco chairman, as saying: “The new Nedco brand continues the transformation of Nedco as the company continues to embrace its enhanced role in the entrepreneurial landscape of this country. No longer will Nedco be seen as a government agency that provides just loans but rather as a full functioning resource for entrepreneurial development.”

Benn added that Nedco stands ready to be the leader in entrepreneurial development and sees its role as vital in encouraging new industries, new business strategies and indeed a new approach to entrepreneurship.

He noted too that Nedco’s recently launched Business Accelerator Programme would help drive the growth of the local MSE sector by targeting various entrepreneur groups over the upcoming years.

Nedco’s Chief Executive Officer, Albert Chow, stated that in line with the strategic plan, Nedco has condensed its eleven branches to five strategically located offices, reducing its staff complement in the process and repositioning Nedco to bring forth a rebranded company.

“The aim of this change is to build on Nedco’s processes thereby increasing efficiency, enhancing competitive advantage, achieving higher levels of synergy and improving company value towards self-sufficiency.”

He added: “The new Nedco is supported by a cadre of knowledgeable staff with extensive years of practical, hands-on experience. Our rebranding exercise also included customer service training, new and upgraded office facilities and the introduction of new uniforms to enhance the professional, customer-focused approach of the new Nedco. We are open and ready to serve the entrepreneurial market!”

Nedco was formed in 2002 to provide financial solutions to MSEs whose needs could not be met by traditional lending agencies.

Persons who have an existing start-up or are interested in starting a new company can contact Nedco for assistance with growing their business at 821-5800 or


"Nedco launches new logo and tagline"

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