Hunting season closed

Hunting season in Trinidad and Tobago is officially over.

So said the Tobago House of Assembly’s Division of Food Production, Forestry and Fisheries in a release sent to the media on Thursday.

Hunters will, however, be given until the end of March to discard of any prohibited meat articles.

The Conservation of the Wildlife Act restricts hunters from hunting or being part of a hunting party for any animal during the closed season. Breach of the law would result in a $10,000 fine or six months in prison. The act also says that every year at the end of February, all licenses to hunt are expired, and from April 1, to September 30, no one is allowed to sell, buy, have in their possession or display for sale any wild meat that would be garnered through hunting.

People who break the law would be subject to a fine of $200.

The release also said people are required to return their hunting licences by May 31 or be subject to a fine of $200 per permit.


"Hunting season closed"

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