Sugar mills to be demolished

The Usine Ste Madeleine and Brechin Castle sugar mills are about to be demolished.

This is the claim of the TT Scrap Iron Dealers Association, which, in a letter to the Minister of Agriculture, urged that its members should be given preference in clearing away the scrap iron which would result from the demolition.

The association, which represents 125 individual scrap dealers, wrote to Minister of Agriculture Clarence Rambharat to express concern that there may have been a preferred bidder in the tendering process to clear the rubble and the pre-qualification process in the removal would was more stringent than required.

“Each operator must be licensed based on the present policy," the association said. "The dealer is also mandated to have his or her licence renewed on an annual basis. Failure to comply is tantamount to be declared in breach of the Old Metal and Marine Stores Act, Chapter 84:07.”

The letter also said the recognition of the association came out of “painstaking discussions” between the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the association, and in those discussions it was stipulated that no foreign operators should do business in the scrap iron industry without a licence issued by the magistrates court.

The association called for a meeting with the minister.


"Sugar mills to be demolished"

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