Canadian at PoSGH cleared: No covid19

Port of Spain General hospital
Port of Spain General hospital

Covid19 tests on a Canadian who was admitted to hospital with flu-like symptoms have come back negative, sources say.

The man, who came into the country on Monday, was admitted to the Port of Spain General Hospital and tested for the virus.Results from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) revealed the tests were negative.

On Tuesday in a Newsday report Chief Medical Officer Roshan Parsaram said the chances of the man having the virus were low, and a background check suggested he had had no contact with anyone with the virus.

TT remains clear of any known covid19 cases to date.

According to the latest CARPHA report, there are three cases in St Barts, one in the Dominican Republic, another in Ecuador and three in Mexico. Brazil still has only one case.


"Canadian at PoSGH cleared: No covid19"

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