Gary can’t get all the Carnival 2020 praise

THE EDITOR: The Commissioner of Police and the Minister of National Security cannot take all the praise for an exceptional Carnival 2020. It was a people thing. The general population wanted all to go well, big time.

The 100 per cent extra security provided encouraged stakeholders to enjoy themselves and remain within the law. It proves a personal point of mine that even gang leaders have wives, mothers and children who want a break from the crime nonsense. Dressing up and going out to party is indelibly part of us Trinis to the bone. From the toddlers through the teenagers to the adults, we come out to party. It is soca, chutney soca, calypso and steelband music, the only one of its kind, being enjoyed by all.

What has to be also acknowledged is that fetes, in all the various manifestations, have become lucrative business ventures. Some started as early as 4 am – breakfast parties. There were fetes on the beach and at various other places, there were day parties, night time fetes, boat rides. You name it, they provided.

The fete-giving entrepreneurs are laughing all the way to the bank. Just having one party can keep them eating and drinking well all year round.

One cannot predict if and when we will slump back into the reprisal gang killings. Domestic violence homicides will keep things ticking over because we are in need of serious counselling. Rome was not built in a day.

A silly remark made recently by the Leader of the Opposition that the PNM Government had only created a nation of vendors could turn around and haunt her. Talk has never been more cheap. Many vendors of food and pleasure now make profits all year round.

As we move into the general election of 2020, with the biggest political mas bands, the PNM and UNC, getting ready to cross the stage, the Opposition needs to be gently reminded that it cannot play mas and fraid powder.


Diego Martin


"Gary can’t get all the Carnival 2020 praise"

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