Tobago's kings and queens

Female individual winner Lindy-Ann Melville portraying the Ruby Topaz Hummingbird. - THA Info Dept
Female individual winner Lindy-Ann Melville portraying the Ruby Topaz Hummingbird. - THA Info Dept

Oregon Martin and Lou-Anne Melville are Tobago's new King and Queen of Carnival.

The masqueraders walked away with the titles on Wednesday night in Scarborough at the Tobago Mas Band Leaders' 2020 presentation, Splendoria, Mas In Harmony.

Martin, who scored 405 points, portrayed the Lion Fish, from the band JD Fantasy.

The imposing, predominantly black, white and silver costume was a runaway favourite with spectators, who lined the intersection of Gardenside and Carrington Streets, which served as the event's parade route.

Coming in second in the king's category with 388 points was Andel Mc Intosh's King of the Jab Jab, from Lou-Ann Melville & Associates.

Canice Chang-Sandy, tied for second place in the Carnival Queen competition. - THA Info Dept

Antonio Franklin, who placed third, scored 385 points with his portrayal, Explode. The portrayal is from the band, Tobago Drummers Guild.

In the queen's category, Lou-Ann Melville's Spirit of Carnival, from the band Lou-Ann Melville & Associates, captured the essence of the festival. Her portrayal received 426 points.

There was a tie for second place between Jeanette Leith-Carrington and Candace Chang-Sandy, who portrayed Wiwanke Wachipi, Magic Mystic Legends of the Sundancer and Native Tobago Fairy Maid, respectively. They got 404 points.

Queen of Carnival Lue-Ann Melville with the Spirit of Carnival. - THA Info Dept

Leith-Carrington's portrayal is from the band World People while Chang-Sandy's costume came from Stoute Next Generation.

Third place went to Nadine James Charles' Love Token, which received 399 points.

The individual costume competition was equally impressive.

Lindy-Ann Melville, of the band Lou-Ann Melville & Associates, was judged best female costume with Ruby Topaz Hummingbird.

Antonio Franklyn portraying Explode, was third in King of Carnival competition.
- THA Info Dept

Tying for second place were Amanda Clarke's Goddess Nikai of the Sambaru Tribe, from Erlan Clarke's Zane Carnival and Sheena Nelson's Bacchanal Woman.

Rayan Birchwood clinched the male individual title with Purple Rain while Tareque Mahabal and Rickson Riley tied for second place with Wings of Peace and D' Midas Touch, respectively. Kurt Layne came in fourth with Camboulay.

Close to 50 masqueraders participated in the King and Queen of Carnival and individual competitions.

Oregon Martin as the Lion Fish, the King of Carnival winner. - THA Info Dept

During the categories, the Tobago Mas Band Leaders presented special awards to former Senate vice-president and Carnival researcher Rawle Titus and cultural activist and former independent senator Annette Alfred for their contribution to the development of the national festival on the island.

Special awards also were presented to cultural activists Rawle "Roachie" Roachford, Wilma Bedlow, Gilbert "Doggie" Grieg, Robert "Stormy" Parks and Errol "George" Shak.

The show, which was scheduled to begin at 7 pm, got under way an hour late.

Andel McIntosh, portraying King Jab Jab, placed second in the King of Carnival competition. - THA Info Dept

Neither Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles nor Culture, Tourism and Transportation Secretary Nadine Stewart-Phillips attended.

However, the crowd seemed satisfied with the calibre of the portrayals, which explored some common Carnival themes: nature, ancient peoples, folklore and fantasy.

Tobago singer Adanna and Sisters In Culture performed at the show.


"Tobago’s kings and queens"

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