Be a light in our world


Sometimes I write brief, uplifting messages on Post-It notes and keep them in my bag, ready for quick application. When I go out, I surreptitiously stick them in public places for unsuspecting people to discover – in the cubicle of a women’s public toilet...on grocery items...on newspaper or magazine pages...on door handles...anywhere.

I preface each note with ‘This is for you’ so that the person encountering it feels personally addressed and receives the ensuing message on a more direct level. Each message is simple and positive– eg: “You are loved”...“You are the answer to someone’s prayer”...“May many blessings shower upon you”...“Let Love make your decisions”...“Have a wonder-filled day”...etc.

I believe in the power of positive intentions, random kindness and serendipity. Whoever is meant to find the notes will.

Once in Toronto, on the evening of my birthday, a friend and I were riding to our destination in an empty bus. I had stuck a ‘Positive Post-It’ on the seat in front of us. At one stop a young couple boarded. To our delight, out of all available seats, they chose to sit on the one in front of us. They sat in silence. Eventually the woman noticed the fluorescent pink note stuck to back of the seat in front of her. She read it, unpeeled it from the seat and, with a huge smile, showed her companion.

“Tonight is magical. Make the most of it.” The couple suddenly became very attentive towards each other – loving physical touch and glowing faces. The woman held the note as if it were precious and the two did not stop smiling and hugging, even after they got off (with note) at their stop.

I have witnessed other people finding Post-Its soon after application and, inevitably, they smile and take the note with them. Simple, unexpected positive offerings can touch people deeply.

Sometimes on a morning ride I carry my Native American Love Flute. If moved to stop for someone I encounter, I say good morning pleasantly, introduce myself and ask if I may play my flute for them. People seem taken aback at first, but no one has ever said no.

One morning I played for a woman who was walking to the main road. More people tend not to trust strangers these days, so I was pleasantly surprised when she closed her eyes and listened. She smiled throughout and when I was finished she did a little tap dance, clapping her hands and gleefully expressing that it was exactly what she needed to hear.

Early one morning while riding I saw a woman approaching. She looked somewhat tired and sad. I stopped, greeted her and asked if I could sing a song for her. She hesitated then said yes. I looked directly into her eyes and she looked back into mine for the duration of my rendition of the song we sing at the end of every Kundalini Yoga class: “May the longtime sun shine upon you all love surround you and the pure light within you guide your way on.”

Coincidentally, while I sang, a ray of the early rising sun crested whatever tree or building had been blocking it and directly illuminated her face. She smiled, eyes wet, and thanked me. I thanked her too for allowing me the opportunity.

We live in a world where stress, caused by numerous factors, governs many people’s sense of reality, creating the false impression that life is always difficult and unfair and that the world is an unkind, unsafe place.

Sometimes we need reminding that life is not as bad as it seems. Sadness, fear, inadequacy and loneliness are not always visible on faces, but are experienced by more people than we realise.

I shared the personal examples above to show how simple it is, through kindness and spontaneous, heartfelt offerings, to brighten and transform the world around us, and ourselves in the process.

An invitation: Instead of wasting collective energy discussing and ‘sharing’ the latest crime stories and gossip, let each of us consciously decide to share and spread uplifting words and kind actions (preferably offline, for the much needed human touch).

Don’t be shy, afraid or doubtful. Simply do it. The more who do, the more we raise national vibrations and outshine darkness.


"Be a light in our world"

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