Calypso Monarch: Take your craft seriously


On Thursday night Terri Lyons wrote herself into the history books as she was crowned Calypso Monarch 2020, and became only the fifth woman to win the title since 1939.

She joins Calypso Rose (Linda McArtha Lewis) who won in 1978, Singing Sandra (Sandra Des Vignes-Millington) who won in 1999 and 2003, Denyse Plummer in 2001, and Karene Asche in 2011.

Lyons won the competition with the cautionary song Obeah and the comedic Meghan My Dear about the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle issue. Speaking with Newsday immediately after her win, Lyons thanked everyone who supported and believed in her talent, including songwriter Maria Bhola who wrote, Meghan My Dear, and fellow singer Nadia Batson, who has always been in Lyons’ corner. Asked how she felt about being the fifth female monarch, she said: “When anyone has to do a project, when they have to go back and read in (calypso) history, my name is going to be mentioned.”

She said she was glad to do something that her father (ten-time Road March winner and seven-time Soca Monarch winner) Austin “SuperBlue” Lyons and her sibling, Fay-Ann Lyons-Alvarez, a three-time Road March winner and Power and Groovy Soca Monarch winner, have done — win major titles.

“And I have more siblings that sing and we are coming. So I just want to thank my daddy! Because he made a mark with his name and we as his children are also doing the same.” She said she was also proud to make history for her son Matthias. “He is my heart.”

She said that she is known for singing social commentary but people do not know that she can be funny as well and with all the crime and things going on she thought people needed to laugh. She also said some calypsoes do not play on radio because of production and topics. “These two songs I could go anywhere and sing it. Yes we have to hit the issues, but let’s go somewhere else and sing that and they won’t know what we speak of. So us as entertainers also have to buck up and we can’t just blame the promoters or the radio. We have to also take our craft more seriously. You don’t know about Instagram? Hire a publicist.”

Lyons, who also sings soca, said she cannot chose between soca and calypso. “I can’t choose because one birthed the other. There is a connection there that shouldn’t be separated.” She said there should be some serious marketing for the competition and bring new minds. “I know TUCO has a page but it needs to be more in people face especially for the young people.” She suggested having calypso on the Brian Lara Promenade.


"Calypso Monarch: Take your craft seriously"

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