Better example needed from our leaders

The Editor: It is such a shame that politicians here cannot see the damage they are inflicting on this nation, and how they are encouraging crime here by the bad examples they set, especially when dealing with criminal matters concerning those here in authority or any official in positions of power.

The established criminals here despite their colour, class or creed are rubbing their hands with glee when they see our politicians are willing to go out on a limb and defy the law in order to defend their criminal associates within this nation.

Why can’t we have an honest and respectable society where those in the corridors of power here are honest and reliable genuine law-abiding citizens instead of using underhand methods and other shenanigans to get their own way?

The image of this nation and its people are constantly being tarnished mostly by the failure of our politicians to do the right thing to enhance our nation’s character by their underhand manoeuvres to show that they are always right and superior especially when they are wrong.

It is now clearly obvious that the citizens of this nation need to rid themselves of these conniving and illogical uncaring politicians, who have past their sell-by date, and are quite satisfied to see the destruction of our democracy by symbolising our galloping bad criminal image to the outside world, without really doing anything significant to halt its criminal progress.

The impression now given is that our politicians are only interested in remaining in power to feather the nests of themselves and the associates. What on earth is wrong with our society are the citizens wearing blinkers?

Can’t they see in which direction this nation and themselves are heading ?

G.A. Marques

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"Better example needed from our leaders"

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