Siparia mother chopped to death

Rachael Logan. -
Rachael Logan. -

A 49-year-old Jamaican security guard is in police custody after a 46-year-old woman was found chopped to death at her Quarry Settlement, Siparia home on Friday morning.

The discovery was made by the woman’s sons, 27 and ten years old, who received an anonymous phone call in which they were advised to check on their mother, Rachael Logan.

The woman was found on her bed and the man was found in a nearby bamboo patch with a piece of rope in his hand. Police suspect Logan was killed on Thursday night.

Logan’s father, Francis Sinanan, said his daughter and a man argued often.

“He is not a violent or quarrelsome person to us or the public. You know when you in love and you see that person talk to someone, there is a little jealousy.

“You not bothering to find out who it is. You don’t know if it is a relative or a friend.”

Shocked relatives gather outside the home of Rachael Logan on Friday after hearing she was chopped to death. PHOTO BY MARVIN HAMILTON - Marvin Hamilton

He said the man was put out of the house several times.

“They both had their ups and downs. They were always breaking up and making up. The last time he left home was in August last year, and about a month after he returned.

“I told him if they cannot make, as a working person he should rent an apartment and stay by himself. I did not expect it to end in violence.”

The family described the suspect as a loving person who treated Logan and her four children well.

Sinanan said he was shocked when he got the news about the tragedy and immediately went to Logan’s home.

“I asked the police if I could see her, but they told me she is dead and no one could go in the home.”

Sinanan advised men and women to be monogamous and move on if their problems cannot be resolved.

“If you know you cannot live with one man or woman, don’t. Most men and women eyes long. They want two people at the same time. You cannot do that. It is hard to maintain that in this had time.

“When you are forsaking the one at home for the one outside, that is going to cause trouble.”

Logan’s sister, Michelle Sinanan, said she was a nice, church-going person who worked hard at a grocery in the area and never showed any signs of domestic abuse. She said she knew the suspect to be a caring and loving person.

She advised, however, “If women know that they are having domestic problems at home, walk away from it and start over.”

PC Bernard of Homicide Region III is leading the investigation.


"Siparia mother chopped to death"

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