Carnival bligh for Sando vendors

San Fernando Mayor, Junia Regrello   - Lincoln Holder
San Fernando Mayor, Junia Regrello - Lincoln Holder

Street vendors on High Street, San Fernando have received a "Carnival bligh” from the mayor the city Junia Regrello.

He told vendors they have permission to sell on High Street, effective noon on Tuesday until Carnival Sunday “without any police interference.”

He made the announcement during Tuesday’s statutory meeting at City Hall, San Fernando.

Regrello called on Supt Dunstan Renn of the Municipal Police to inform his officers of the arrangement so vendors will not be harassed.

He also called on Renn to keep a regular patrol around mas camps and steelbands in the city in the lead up to Carnival Monday and Tuesday as there were a lot of tourists staying in the city and visiting these compounds at nights.

Renn said the city had a complement of about 72 special reserve police officers and, with the assistance of the regular police, his officers will be deployed at strategic points to ensure a crime-free Carnival.

Stressing safety is of paramount concern, Regrello said all major stakeholders have met and a plan has been put forward to maintain law and order as well as to sensitise the public of their efforts.


"Carnival bligh for Sando vendors"

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