Supernovas first on stage at Panorama final

FCB Supernovas.
FCB Supernovas.

First Citizens Supernovas will be first on stage at the National Panorama Large Conventional Steelbands final on Saturday.

The draw for playing positions took place at the NCC VIP Suite in the Queen’s Park Savannah on Tuesday.

Addressing the media at the event, Pan Trinbago president Beverly Ramsey-Moore said: “We are extremely excited about Saturday night because it’s the premier league of pan. It’s where the big guns will show up, it’s where the real show will be happening. And coming off of the Tobago Medium Band final, which was very successful as a first-time national event (in Tobago), we are going to feed off of that show.” She added Pan Trinbago is going to ensure that all is well for the event, and even before actually seeing the show, she said: “I know that the large bands will put on a display that I don’t know if there is anywhere else in the world that there will be a show that will match the one that is to take place on Saturday. TT you can’t miss this one!”

Judges for the competition are Lambert Phillip, Michele Dowrich, Richard Pierre, Roger Sardinha, Bernadette Roberts and Tommy Crichlow.

The winner will collect the bp Challenge Trophy and $1,000,000, second place – $700,000, third – $650,000, fourth and fifth – $575,000, sixth – $500,000, seventh – $450,000 and 8-11 – $400,000.

Four people will be presented with special awards for their contribution to the development of the steelpan. Cheques for assistance to bands that played in the semi-finals were also distributed out on Tuesday.

Ramsey-Moore said all payments associated with last year’s competition have been paid. She then took the opportunity to congratulate all medium bands saying they all did TT proud in the Tobago final on Sunday night.

Following is the order of appearance:

Position. Band – Song – arranger:

1. First Citizens Supernovas - Dear Promoter - Amrit Samaroo

2. NLCB Fonclaire - Dear Promoter - Darren Sheppard

3. HADCO Phase II - 2020 Vision - Len Boogsie Sharpe

4. CAL Skiffle - Wrong Again - Marc Brooks/Kendall Williams/Odie Franklin

5. BP Renegades - Wrong Again Duvone Stewart

6. Republic Bank Exodus - Dear Promoter - Terrence BJ Marcelle

7. Desperadoes - More Sokah - Carlon Zanda Alexander

8. T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps - More Sokah - Clarence Morris

9. Shell Invaders - Feeling It - Arddin Herbert

10. RBC Redemption Sound Setters - Wrong Again - Michael Toby

11. Massy Trinidad All Stars - More Sokah - Leon Smooth Edwards


"Supernovas first on stage at Panorama final"

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