Soca and dancing for murder victim Craig Hoi Pong

 - L Holder
- L Holder

"Famalay and friends" of 39-year-old Miami-based businessman Craig Hoi Pong celebrated his life at the same place where gunmen killed him.

The celebration began at noon on Wednesday at Nia Valley estate at Matilda Gardens in Princes Town.

There was no religious service or singing of hymns when Newsday arrived at the family’s business place. Instead, soca music played from a speaker and people were mingling and even did the popular "electric slide" dance.

On the stage was the yellow and black casket with Hoi Pong’s body. Relatives, via flyers, had called on "famalay and friends" to join them in "celebrating the life of a legend." They also requested that people wear yellow and black.

Armed police stood guard during the event.

Newsday learnt that the body is expected to be taken to Miami for final rites.

Murder victim Craig Hoi Pong's casket on stage at his family's Nia Valley estate in Princes Town on Wednesday. PHOTO BY LINCOLN HOLDER -

Hoi Pong’s father, a prominent businessman and owner of the estate, requested that people not take photos of the body.

Hours before the celebration, the father took to Facebook and paid tribute to his son.

Part of a post said, "It’s a farewell to his body as I know that his memories will last me a lifetime and his spirit will forever be with me."

In the heartfelt tribute, he added, "As parents, we all want what we feel is best for our children. But we also know that we make our children, but we don’t make their mind. Their mind is made through many other influences of life.

"I did all I could do for him my way in life, and in death I’m doing it Craig’s way. I pray to God that I find the strength to do what is the hardest thing that I have to do so far in my life."

On February 9, gunmen opened fire on a group of people who were liming at the estate killing Hoi Pong and Neera Ramnath, 39, who lived at Ragoonanan Road in Chaguanas. The mother of two was cremated on Thursday last week at the Waterloo cremation site after a funeral at the family’s home.

Another man was shot and wounded.

No one has been arrested and police from the Homicide Bureau Region III and the Southern Division are investigating.


"Soca and dancing for murder victim Craig Hoi Pong"

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