Karukera back on

Clarence Rambharat -
Clarence Rambharat -

Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries Clarence Rambharat says the ministry is no longer involved now that the Karukera One Love festival at Maracas beach is on again.

Rambharat said to Newsday on Tuesday, that the Ministry of Tourism endorsed the event and it was good that the event could go on. He, however, expressed “complete dissatisfaction” with the handling of the request for the use of the Maracas seabed.

The event’s organisers posted on Instagram stories on Tuesday that Karukera One Love festival was still on and that a compromise was made with authorities by moving the stage to the shoreline. Initially, there was doubt about the event happening as there was objection to the stage being built on the Maracas seabed. The event will be held on Friday and will feature artistes such as Machel Montano, Kes and Nailah Blackman among others.

This resulted in Rambharat saying no construction would take place on the Maracas seabed and he also requested a report from the Commissioner of State Lands about the matter. He said in a Sunday Newsday report that the commissioner is responsible for state lands and, in law, the seabed is considered state lands.

In a Newsday report on Tuesday, Rambharat said the commissioner had issued a letter of non-objection to the event being held, which he asked be rescinded. A letter was sent on Tuesday to the event’s organiser’s saying that the previous letter of non-objection issued on February 6 was rescinded.

Rambharat said while he received the report from the acting commissioner, there were some follow-up questions he needed to ask.

“Thereafter, I would determine what, if anything, I need to do next.”

A release from the Urban Development Corporation (Udecott) on Tuesday said the stage in the sea was dismantled.

It added that steps were being taken by the event's organisers to acquire all necessary approvals "which are mandatory for the dispatch of final approval." The corporation said it is pleased that good sense prevailed.

"Udecott maintains that all events at its various venues are subject to receive all requisite statutory approvals deemed necessary, which include approvals from the fire services, police, The Environmental Management Authority and Commissioner of State Lands, before final approval is granted by the corporation for events to take place."


"Karukera back on"

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