Trinidadian faces 25 years in Canadian prison

A Trinidadian is awaiting further sentencing from a Canadian judge after being found guilty of murder and multiple home invasions.

Several international news agencies have reported that Septimus Neverson, 57, was found guilty on January 10 for murder by Montreal Superior Court Justice Guy Cournoyer and sentenced to 25 years in jail without parole, which he appealed.

He is yet to receive sentences for 54 other crimes stemming from a series of home invasions carried out between 2006 and 2009. Neverson’s case went cold and was subsequently closed when he fled to TT in 2015. The matter was reopened after one of his friends provided information to the police.

He was later held by TT authorities at the request of the Montreal Police Department, under a warrant for international arrest and later extradited to Canada in 2016. Reports said his motive for these robberies, in part, was to send money to his children and family back in Trinidad.

In 1987, he was also convicted of a murder and after serving time in Canada, was deported to TT in 2000, but he re-entered Canada some years later under the alias, David Munroe. In one of his recent interrogations, which lasted almost eight hours, Neverson refused to say anything related to the case in question.

He said however, his earlier conviction was based on discrimination. Neverson, according to news reports in Canada said, “The reality is there. I done serve my time. It was a set of lies, the police lied. They lied to put me in jail because…”

Neverson also refused to answer claims that a ten-year-old child was a hostage in one of his home invasions. He told the interrogator, “You see you telling me I did something, which means you already passed judgment on me.”

The interrogator rebutted saying that he was just asking if he (Neverson) was a cruel person. Neverson said, “I have the right to remain silent, legally speaking. Right now, we are dealing with legality.” Local police told Newsday that the matter is being handled by Interpol.


"Trinidadian faces 25 years in Canadian prison"

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