Thanks for saving Junior Soca Monarch competition

THE EDITOR: I am happy to hear the Ministry of Education has stepped in to save the 2020 Junior Soca Monarch competition after the Caribbean Prestige Foundation pulled out from hosting the popular event.

This decision by the Ministry will ensure the cultural education of our students is maintained by providing a platform for them to showcase their talents on stage.

Our students look forward to this opportunity every year to use this competition to showcase their talents and I was very sad when I heard Caribbean Prestige Foundation announced they will not organise the event because they do not have enough time to host the competition due to the change of leadership in the organisation.

It is my opinion that the Ministry of Education should consider taking over this event and managing it themselves to prevent this kind of emotional disappointment that our students experience every year.

I think the Ministry of Education has all the people and funds to run a successful competition.

Sharon Surjoo



"Thanks for saving Junior Soca Monarch competition"

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