Weed outmenace on the road –even Felix

THE EDITOR: I have a barber, Felix, with a serious drinking problem but his cutting skills are on point. While I sit in his chair he has the scissors in one hand and a beer in the other, always.

In a conversation we once had, he admitted that he prefers to get behind the wheel of a car once he’s had a few drinks. He thinks it makes his driving better. And I think there are many others out there who think like him. They are best described as selfish alcoholics.

But the truth is, to drive safe you need to be alert at all times and able to react to immediate road situations. Excessive drinking causes loss of co-ordination, sleepiness and sometimes a coma. Alcohol also slows down reaction time by 15-25 per cent.

For this reason I am glad there is now a better system to deal with people who want to break the law and drive recklessly all the time.

The new demerit points system from the Ministry of Works and Transport will help to keep proper tabs on people who feel they can do what they want and get away.

Eventually, when their points add up they will lose their driving permit. To get it back they will have to take classes and redo the driving test.

I hope the first person they catch is Felix. Take him and reform him so he is no longer a menace on the roads.




"Weed outmenace on the road –even Felix"

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