Thank God for PC Wells

THE EDITOR: I commend PC Wells of the Highway Patrol and express my heartfelt gratitude for his assistance on January 28 when I was involved in an accident.

The officer calmly and efficiently checked on me, took pictures of the vehicles as well as the necessary information from the other party involved and called ForenSys Trinidad and the ambulance.

He stayed on the scene and continued to assist until I was loaded into the ambulance to be taken to the Couva hospital. His interaction with my family members and co-workers was respectful and accommodating, and because of his timely intervention everything seemed to run smoothly.

I had the good fortune of seeing him on Wednesday morning on my way to work, and I had to stop to shake his hand and express my gratitude (I was not able to get through to Highway Patrol last week).

I think that a public commendation is needed so that others would know. I thank God for His divine protection and provision, part of which was PC Wells.


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"Thank God for PC Wells"

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