Rename this road

THE EDITOR: I live in the Chatham community which is part of the electoral district of Point Fortin and our Member of Parliament is Maj Gen (Retired) Edmund Dillon.

Now, I think that the road from Chatham to Point Fortin should be renamed to fit its present condition, something like Pothole Lane, Damage Your Car Avenue or Ignored by the MP Drive because the road is like a driving test, except if you fail this test you will find yourself spending hundreds to thousands of dollars replacing tyres and other car parts.

On Wednesday, my mother had to change a tyre after going into a pothole.

I would love to know why my mother, who is in her 70s, had to spend hundreds of dollars out of her pension to replace a tyre.

A word of advice to all political parties: you do not have many diehard voters anymore. It is work-for-your-seat time.


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"Rename this road"

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