Mosquito Creek crash victims ‘doing well’


JOHN Benjamin and his son Terrance Benjamin are “doing well” according to friends and family members, after being injured in a crash at Mosquito Creek last Thursday.

Terrance was driving a white Nissan B15 with his father John in the passenger’s seat.

Police reports said at around 7.15 am last Thursday, the car collided with a trailer truck, causing heavy traffic.

They were both admitted to the San Fernando General Hospital.

John was in stable condition with minor injuries, while Terrance was in critical condition.

The truck driver was identified as Radish Jonathan and he was unharmed.

Friends of the men had expressed disappointment with one social media news page that reported Terrance had died in the crash. They said when the family saw that, they were saddened until they got a call saying the men were alive and at hospital.

Newsday spoke with Terrence’s mother, Silvia Benjamin, on Friday morning who expressed relief the two men survived the crash.

“They are doing wonderful, they are doing well. Thank God for life. I am really glad they are all right.”

John has been discharged but Terrance is still in hospital with a broken leg.

John is said to be walking slowly and having minor pains but is otherwise fine.

Terrance has also been in high spirits but is due to have surgery soon.


"Mosquito Creek crash victims ‘doing well’"

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