What does 24/7 mean at WASA?

THE EDITOR: Those of us who have seen WASA vehicles on the roads must have noticed the very bold print advertising a 24/7 service. But what exactly does that mean?

On Wednesday morning as I arrived at my workplace I noticed a “serious” leak on the water main. In fact there were two leaks in the space of about 100 yards. The time was 3.30 am.

Like a responsible citizen I phoned 800-LEAK. There was an immediate answer advising that they could not take my call at that time since their working hours were 6 am to 10 pm. If I wanted to leave a message a representative would contact me within 24 hours.

I hung up and waited until 6 am and again called 800-LEAK. And the phone was again answered promptly advising me that I was first in line. The representative eventually came on the line at 6.10 am.

From the time the rupture occurred until the WASA workers showed up to shut off the supply the yards of my neighbours and myself were being flooded since we are on the down slope of the street.


Diego Martin


"What does 24/7 mean at WASA?"

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