Take your light to the darkness

THE EDITOR: Almost every time I write, someone finds a way to let me know what a failure the DPTT is or I am in their eyes. I am not perfect, far from it, but I try to be the best at what I do.

In my business I always complete my projects within budget, even when it costs me personally. In politics, I maintain a policy of never disparaging the character of others, always putting country first and never using politics for personal gain.

My focus is always to improve the quality of life for all our people. As such the people of the UNC see me as PNM and the people of the PNM see me as UNC. The reality is that the DPTT supported the UNC when we were of the view that its plans and goals were for country first.

When the PP gained governance and the many front-line supporters clamoured for position and power, I stepped back and did my best to serve the country. I was appointed chairman of the Statutory Authorities Service Commission, an apolitical position, and served to the best of my ability.

When I felt that the PP government’s interest was not in tandem with the vision I have for TT, I resigned as chairman. I then supported the PNM publicly to replace a government that I felt did not serve the best interests of the country.

Today I, like many throughout TT, am of the view that the similarities in governance between the two major political parties is inimical to the development and growth of our nation.

Our national debt is increasing daily, our income is depleting, meaningful employment is declining, crime is prevalent throughout our communities and government services are poor. This is not a time for anyone to be boasting about anything positive in our politics.

Our sporting successes are perhaps at its lowest with our football position moving lower on the international scale every year. There are few bright spots on the horizon.

Hating Alvarez and the DPTT cannot make our nation better. Now is the time for every citizen who loves his or her family, who loves the spirit of TT and all the positives that we have gained over the years to unite and together rescue our land.

There are no more billions for misappropriating. The little left and what we generate are to be spent wisely in investing where we can earn foreign exchange and maintain our fragile infrastructure.

There are times when I feel like giving up. I do not need any political position for success. My life story is a success story. I do care however about the many poor children that may not have been as lucky as I have been to escape the trappings of poverty and hopelessness. I owe them the effort to try and do whatever I can to make their lives better. Politics is the best avenue to help the many.

It is reported that if the helicopter that transported Kobe Bryant had continued going upwards a minute more it would have risen above the fog and Bryant and the other passengers would have seen exactly where they were. They did not. Shakespeare said “the darkest hour of the night is the one before the dawn.”

At this time when it seems impossible for ordinary good people to unite and dedicate our service to rescuing and rebuilding our land, I ask that we hold on. I ask that we continue to hope.

It is reported that many said to Barack Obama that it was not his time yet and he should not seek to be president of the US, but he dared to temp the audacity of hope.

Today, for our children, for our poor, for our elderly, for our college students, for the many in crime-ridden communities, for our religious leaders, for our forgotten people, I ask that we hold on to a dream that we can unite under one flag, one country and one political party, the Democratic Party of TT, and bring to it all our talent, our vision and our dreams to make TT safe and prosperous.

Sorry to all who want me to walk away. As long as there is life in me I will continue to love all our people and try with the little I have to make our nation better.

In the words of Christopher M Rice and singer Kathy Troccoli, “There is a candle in every soul/ Some brightly burning, some dark and cold/ There is a Spirit who brings fire/ Ignites a candle and makes His home/ Carry your candle, run to the darkness/ Seek out the hopeless, confused and torn/ Hold out your candle for all to see it/ Take your candle, and go light your world.”

Please join me.


political leader, DPTT


"Take your light to the darkness"

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