ISM: Mr Killa not performing

Mr Killa
Mr Killa

In a release attempting to “clear the air” on whether or not Mr Killa would be on stage at the International Soca Monarch (ISM), the Caribbean Prestige Foundation (CPF) clarified that he would not be performing.

“In terms of our Creative Director’s response to the question by Newsday, as to whether Mr Killa would be performing, it was made extremely clear that this was not the case,” said CPF in the release.

However the release indicated that: “In being further pressed as to whether there would be any participation by the reigning Soca Monarch, there was only the response that there is no clue what the future holds, but as a televised event we hope to have a few surprises on that night.”

The release confirmed Mr Killa and his representatives requested a meeting with members of the ISM team.

The release said they discussed “a plethora of issues... with a sense of understanding and purpose” and that they “all agreed to move forward positively and learn from the past.”

“To Mr Killa and his entire team, we wanted to say thank you for taking the time to allow both sides to discuss our differences. We are very measured in terms of our responses and would never (and in this case) never made such an erroneous and misleading statement. We can only apologise for the damage that was done by the article’s header, but reiterate that the words shared were never stated on record, and we have zero control on what the editors or sub-editors run with.”


"ISM: Mr Killa not performing"

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