Slow learners need help or country will be in trouble

THE EDITOR: As an educator, it pains to see that slow learners are not being catered for by our education system. It is breeding frustration, as seen by recent angry outbursts by students and possibly educators as well.

This is not the time to cast aspersions but if we are seeking solutions we must look for the causes. While the Ministry of Education continues to make strides in the education and of students of various aptitudes, the resources available to schools simply do not cut it.

If a government wants to see a better nation, investing in the students is the most prudent way to go. Slow learners, remedial students and those with various learning disabilities challenge the education system and there may well be a co-relation between learning challenges and behavioural problems.

If a government cares, then the young ones who are struggling must be catered for.

We need proper assessments for students that are having challenges at school. Then the right remediation must be done.

If you go to the doctor for a cough and you are treated for diarrhoea, you will still have the cough. It’s the same with education challenges. If the right assessment isn’t done, the right remediation can’t be done and all are treated for one thing. The doctor may as well send home all his patients with a pain killer.

A teacher can teach one class but may not be qualified or experienced in assessment for these various learning problems and students that struggle. Administering the right solutions is vital. If not, the teacher may be adding salt to the injury and not helping.

This is a cry for help. Reach out to the students that have learning challenges. Get the right assessment by those qualified and let us put more resources in helping these young minds.

Imagine the anger in them when the education system fails. Now we see why the society is the way it is. If we continue then we all know what our future would be.

Food for thought.


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"Slow learners need help or country will be in trouble"

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