Father 'watching his back' after son's death

The father of Rondell Samuel, 20, said he is "watching his back," days after his only son and nephew Rahim Mitchell, 23, were gunned down at a La Horquetta bar.

Speaking with Newsday outside the Forensic Science Centre, St James, on Wednesday, Ronald Samuel said he was afraid for his safety after his son's death.

He said while his son was unemployed, he was only focused on enjoying life and having a good time.

"He didn't leave school too long now, in fact he just turned 20 last month. He was still celebrating and just wanted to enjoy life. He was going to own his first car soon.

"I've lived in La Horquetta more than 30 years now but I am afraid. I am nervous, I always have to watch my back and watch out for my life."

Asked why he felt anyone would want to murder Rondell and Rahim, he said he felt both were killed due to an ongoing war between gangs from Phase Two and Phase One.

"They always had this tension and grief between the phases, where guys from one Phase One don't like guys from Phase Two straying into their territory.

"You can't say you want to avoid going out. Those killers will find you no matter where you are even if it's in your own house," the elder Samuel said.

Newsday also spoke to Mitchell's aunt who said she was disheartened that some people were accusing him of being a gang member.

Referring to photos of him circulating on social media posing with his fingers pointed to imitate a gun, she asked people not to judge her nephew on the basis of those photos alone.

"He (Rahim) has a three-year-old baby boy who keeps asking for his dad to come back. He wasn't into any crime, he was killed innocently because of this gang warfare in La Horquetta. He was unemployed but he worked with his father occasionally as a painter.

"Rahim didn't even like going out to lime at bars and fetes, he preferred to go to family limes or somewhere close to home. It was his cousin Rondell who convinced him to go out that night."


"Father ‘watching his back’ after son’s death"

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