DPP discontinues case against man shot by police

Almost 15 years ago, the police allegedly shot Samuel De Leon when he brandished an umbrella handle.

They then charged him with assaulting the police and being in possession of an imitation firearm

Now De Leon intends to file a complaint against the officer who shot him.

De Leon was 15 when, on December 7, 2005, near the Aranguez Savannah, he was allegedly shot by Insp Roger Alexander, who was an acting corporal at the time.

Alexander testified at the preliminary inquiry that he and two other officers were driving near the savannah when they saw De Leon walking and acting suspiciously.

De Leon allegedly ran when he saw the police and they chased him.

He then turned around and pointed an object at them. Alexander allegedly fired three shots and De Leon was hit in the leg.

When he was discharged from hospital, De Leon was charged with assaulting Alexander and being in possession of an imitation firearm.

The object in his hand was said to be an umbrella handle.

At his first court hearing at the magistrates court, De Leon denied any wrongdoing and was sent for psychiatric evaluation at the St Ann’s Psychiatric Hospital.A report from 2005 said he was suffering from depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and was of unsound mind.

He was eventually committed to stand trial in 2009.

A second psychiatric evaluation in 2017 said De Leon was of stable mind, but it could not be disproved that he was of unsound mind when he allegedly committed the offence in 2005.

When his case came up for trial before Justice Hayden St Clair-Douglas earlier this month, the judge enquired about DeLeon’s defence and his attorney, Chase Pegus, said it was premised on denial and insanity, based on the psychiatric reports.

The matter was adjourned for the Director of Public Prosecutions to consider the matter. When it was recalled on Tuesday at the Hall of Justice in Port of Spain, prosecutor Danielle Thompson told the judge the DPP had filed a notice of discontinuance.

De Leon was discharged and now intends to file a complaint with the Police Complaints Authority.


"DPP discontinues case against man shot by police"

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