TT in need of strong leadership in 2020

THE EDITOR: Very few people can honestly deny that TT is in crisis and is no longer the paradise it used to be.

Transportation, water and electricity services are very poor and crime is out of control.

The murder rate continues to rise alarmingly with no real effort to address the deteriorating situation. Too many resources continue to be allocated to projects and buildings that do not really matter.

They call it national pride, but we have no national pride if the Government continues to sit idly by while citizens are murdered every day.

Our borders continue to be left unsecured and the country is weakening as the standard of living declines, which could lead to a total governmental collapse. The health system is failing and our school system is in a mess.

Our most precious resource is people, but apparently we only matter when elections are near.

We need strong leadership in 2020 and a government that is willing to secure the borders, significantly reduce corruption, improve healthcare, fix the transportation service and the roads, create jobs, stimulate the economy, and invest in the people.


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"TT in need of strong leadership in 2020"

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