Relatives: Rancho Quemado teen killed because of bad company

Jabarri Toby -
Jabarri Toby -

Seventeen-year-old Jabarri Toby’s relatives believe he was killed for keeping the wrong company.

Toby, a student of Siparia West Secondary School, was shot dead with his cousins Antonio Alexander, 22, and Shaquille Dottin, 28, at South Trace, Rancho Quemado, south Trinidad on Tuesday afternoon. Also killed was Alifa Augustine, 17, of Alexander Settlement, Erin.

Newsday spoke with Toby's relatives at the Forensic Science Centre, St James on Wednesday. They said he was considering enrolling in the Military Led Academic Training (MILAT) programme.

"He wasn't involved in any crime. He was just a normal little fella.

"He was about to finish school in May. We warned him about hanging out with those guys, but you know how it is when you're that age. He was liming with his big cousins when he was killed."

Relatives said they believe either Alexander or Dottin were the target of the gunmen, and Toby was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.


"Relatives: Rancho Quemado teen killed because of bad company"

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