Redon returns to Little Carib

Douglas Reddon - Gary Cardinez
Douglas Reddon - Gary Cardinez

Douglas “Dougie” Redon, the beloved pannist, bassist, composer and arranger, will be back at the Little Carib Theatre on White Street, Woodbrook, on February 16 for a jazz concert.

He told Newsday: “Last year I did a show at the Little Carib called Jazz at the Carib: The Series, conceptualised by Michael Germain, former chairman of the board of the Little Carib.

"It was so successful that people who attended found that I should have had two shows, because it was sold out.

"This year I got an invitation to perform again and I am thankful for that.”

Redon said the upcoming show will be a challenge because he has to do some new songs.

“I have to come different."

He added, "This time around I decided to have an addition to the show but I rather not say anything. I will leave it as a surprise.”

Redon said his surprise artistes will do two guest performances.

Asked what impression he wants to leave on his intended audience this year, he said: “I want them to leave saying that it was a good performance. Even if it's a bass solo, keyboards, pan or any other instrument, they must remember something, even my compositions.

Douglas Redon on the bass, is sharing stage with Marva Newton on guitar. -

"I would also really like them to be part of the show. Not just because you are seated doesn't mean you cannot express yourself. I want them to appreciate the music I am playing and to leave the show contented.”

Redon said to date, last year’s show was his biggest and best, but lamented he is yet to be called to play on any of the numerous jazz festivals in TT with his band.

“But I have played on many smaller shows which were also very good.”

His band for the show comprise crack-shot musicians Chantal Esdelle on keyboard, Russel Durity on bass, Richard Joseph on drums and Tamba Gwindi on percussion.

Patrons will also be treated to a complimentary drink and doubles. Showtime is 6.30 pm.


"Redon returns to Little Carib"

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