Judge grants injunction against Cedar Grove

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A High Court judge on Tuesday night granted an injunction against Cedar Grove Primary School restraining the principal and teachers from preventing a child from attending on Wednesday morning.

Justice Frank Seepersad, in granting the order at about 9 pm, said the ten-year-old boy was expelled from the private school after his mother, an attorney, complained that he was being bullied.

She sought an injunction which was granted. Seepersad ordered that the grade three pupil be allowed back in school until the hearing and determination of the case.

The judge said, "Bullying is a serious issue. Any child who makes such a complaint should be taken seriously. In this case, the court feels with a high degree of assurance that it will be established that the child was bullied. There is medical evidence which supports his claim of being struck on the arm, and there is no evidence to suggest that the child has psychological issues. Our children must be protected and school should be a safe haven.

"No child should be ridiculed for advancing a legitimate complaint, and the balance of convenience favours the granting of injunctive relief so as to ensure the rights of the child to an education."

The injunction is to be served on Cedar Grove's principal Shaheed Allaham and other named parties to the action – Flair Rampersad, Allison Sebro-Baptiste and Jenny Ramkissoon.

Cedar Grove is located in Palmiste, on the outskirts of San Fernando.

Newsday will be following the court case in which the school's administration has been ordered to respond to the injunction.


"Judge grants injunction against Cedar Grove"

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