Dog tried to protect murdered man

Marlon Le-Guerre, 48. -
Marlon Le-Guerre, 48. -

Blood, the dog, died the way he lived – by protecting his master, Marlon Le-Guerre, who was shot dead in San Fernando on Tuesday afternoon.

Newsday spoke to Le-Guerre's relatives at the Forensic Science Centre, St James, on Wednesday. They lamented the spate of murders in TT.

One relative said La-Guerre, 48, worked as a plumber and was a devoted family man.

They said criminals had become so cold-blooded that they could murder La-Guerre's cherished pet dog.

"He raised that dog from a puppy. That dog was a part of his family.

"If he and the dog were walking along the street, nobody could attack Marlon without getting bite. I know that Blood would have died protecting him. There was no other way they could attack him."

Relatives said Le-Guerre had eight children and eight grandchildren, and did not know why anyone would want to kill him.

Asked what could be done to reduce murders, one relative said while the police should do more, more should be done by social workers to fix broken homes.

"Long time when someone was killed, the police would step up patrols in the area. Sometimes they would even call the families of the victims just to find out how they are going. You don't see that anymore.

"But you can't blame the police alone. Social Development should put things in place to deal with these youths coming from broken homes because they are the ones doing the killing."


"Dog tried to protect murdered man"

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