Pt Fortin school 'reopens' – but no classes

Classes at the Point Fortin East Secondary School still did not resume on Monday, the scheduled date.

This was in spite of promises from the Education Ministry and a recent apology from franklin Khan, Leader of Government Business in the Senate.

When Newsday visited the school on Monday morning, students and teachers were going in, as the gates had finally been reopened.

But most of the children were put in the auditorium for the day, while others were taken to their classrooms and supervised by teachers. The principal, Ainsley Gopaul, addressed the students.

Daniel George, secretary and welfare officer of the National Parent-Teachers Association (PTA) St Patrick District, told Newsday it did not seem that all the repairs had been finished.

“The place was in a total mess," he said. “The ministry had students back there today. They didn’t put out any release that the work was not completed.'

He said cleaners spent the day washing out classrooms, as they had been prevented from going in before Monday to prepare the building for reopening.

Newsday also understands some children were picking up pieces of debris and playing with them.

“Washing down and sanitation is two different things. There is a mould issue, and apparently that has been ignored by all stakeholders," George said. “We want the ministry to come clean and officially state if school is open or not open."

He said it was an inconvenience, as some students relied on hired transport to get back home, and many would have wasted money to travel to school.

Newsday understands the electrician was due to visit the school later on.

The school’s PTA and students protested last week after being the school was being shut down until further notice.

But the Education Ministry later issued a press release denying these claims and said the school was only “temporarily closed” for the rest of that week and would reopen on February 10.

George says he believes the ministry is trying to cover up the fact that repairs are incomplete.

Newsday tried to contact Education Minister Anthony Garcia and Minister in the Ministry of Education Dr Lovell Francis for comments, but all calls went unanswered.


"Pt Fortin school ‘reopens’ – but no classes"

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