Opposition togambling planto protectdirty money?

THE EDITOR: Yet again an attempt is being made to regulate the gaming/gambling industry. The last time this was tried minimum wage employees were placed on the frontlines as the face of the untold suffering that would be visited on poor, single mothers who would lose their jobs if the government continued on its declared course.

In the face of parliamentary opposition legislation was sent to a JSC where, as expected, it was delayed for years. Now it is back on the agenda and we are hearing that the penalties are too stringent and support for it will not be afforded. Surprise, surprise.

But could this be more than the usual “support nothing, sabotage everything” in the cause of ousting the bogeyman PNM ploy?

You see, it is not just that the gaming industry is making billions in unregulated profits which it may not wish to share with the taxman, it is more so that gambling enterprises are a haven for money-laundering in a country with many hugely corrupt individuals.

The recent changeover of the $100 bills unearthed some unexplained millions. However, white-collar mega criminals would not have placed all their eggs in one basket.

Are we now witnessing influencers behind the scenes who are not just bent on making political mischief but are in reality more concerned with protecting their personal and very dirty interests?


San Fernando


"Opposition togambling planto protectdirty money?"

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