Mr Commissioner, fix Trinidad crime also

THE EDITOR: The crime situation in Tobago has worsened over the years, not just the murders but also robberies. I remember those days when you could go to Tobago and wander off anywhere, day or night, without fear. Well those days are over.

When I visit there now I chose where I am going cautiously. No secluded areas for sure and the night-time stroll is no longer possible. That is sweet Tobago today for me.

I am therefore glad that CoP Gary Griffith has decided to attack the crime issues in Tobago which was recently highlighted at a meeting with the business community and others there.

However, as a gentle remainder to the chief cop, Trinidad is still in need of answers to the crime problems here. Murders for the year have already crossed 50. The pushers continue with their drug business and robberies are a norm. You can lose your life for a $300 chain around your neck. That is sweet Trinidad for you.

So Mr CoP, please make Tobago safe again but do not forget Trinidad, which is still in a crime horror story. Citizens need to feel safe and comfortable when they walk the streets – and in the comfort of their homes.


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"Mr Commissioner, fix Trinidad crime also"

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