CoP: We will probe rogue police

Police Commsissioner Gary Griffith - ROGER JACOB
Police Commsissioner Gary Griffith - ROGER JACOB

The day after two police officers were held in relation to human trafficking, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith said the police will be going after all criminals, both in and out of uniform.

Speaking with Newsday on Tuesday, Griffith said the police were not above reproach, and vowed to go after rogue police officers. He also said there were elements within the police service that sought to undermine him by forming ties with criminals.

Referring to over 300 officers who have been suspended for suspected misconduct, Griffith said he intended to use his authority to expedite these cases and fire those found guilty of crimes.

"No one is above the law," he said. "Police officers are human, they come from society and our society is not perfect but our police must operate at a much higher standard, which is why anything even remotely close to this will not be accepted in any way. This year is what we will continue to do, the more information we get from the public is the more we will be able to target, investigate and charge. "Once I hold this chair as the Commissioner of Police there will be no covering up in any way. I have the authorisation to hire, fire and suspend and I will not have police officers suspended indefinitely. It has cost the taxpayers over $50 million per annum and we are getting nothing in return.

"Very soon you will see I take a firm approach to officers who have embarrassed the police service and committed acts of indiscipline, it gives me the authorisation through the tribunal to have them fired or suspended."

Griffith said it was difficult for a police officer who was charged for a violent crime to justify keeping him in the service.


"CoP: We will probe rogue police"

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