Police kill man, 25, in Claxton Bay

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A 25-year-old man is dead after a shooting incident at Claxton Bay on Monday morning.

Police said Nigel Antoine, from Rich Plain, Diego Martin, was killed at the home of murder victims Cindy Joseph and Kadeem Elijah.

Around 6 am police carried out a search warrant at the house at Hill Top Drive, Springvale. Guns and ammunition were found.

Police said Antoine was in the house at the time. In trying to escape, he pushed a police officer, ran into a bedroom and started shooting at them.

The police shot back. He was hit several times.

Police said Antoine was living in an unoccupied house in the area and was a person of interest to them.

Joseph, 33, and Elijah, 19, were killed in their home around 1.30 am last Thursday by an unknown gunman. Joseph's 11-year-old son was shot in the right leg and is recovering at the San Fernando General Hospital.

ASP Smith of the Central Division is investigating.


"Police kill man, 25, in Claxton Bay"

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