Ankh is a way

"I’m worried about the state of the country," says Keron Ammon. - Mark Lyndersay


My name is Keron Ammon and I wear a Kemetic ankh around my neck.

I’m from Tunapuna, near the Eastern Main Road, more city than country. Last of four children. You could say I was the spoiled child, but I had a good, well-balanced upbringing.

The level I reached now, all the experiences that brought me here – they’re priceless.

I wouldn’t trade (my life) with anybody.

I went El Dorado Senior Comprehensive when the era of the great Blue Thunder football teams was phasing out. Stern John must be left the year before I came in.

In El Do Blue Thunder days, Man United was the team. They had a great-great-great squad that included Dwight Yorke.

Nowadays I look at the whole organisational structure of a football club. Right now, Inter Milan, the Italian club, recently bought over by Chinese owners, watching their whole structure – they’re (looking good to me). But then, I always loved Inter Milan from small.

So it might be a case of what BC Pires called my philosophy catching up with my heart.

School wasn’t something I liked – and I could break that down right into the subject of Kemetic philosophies.

Today everything is based on the value of money, so you lose the value of the humanity within it.

A teacher in a classroom cannot reach a child with one way, one method, one style, and expect everybody to adopt it. You, as a teacher, have to learn how to reach different types of individual – but teachers now don’t have the patience or time.

Most of my life, I’ve learned through experience.

My parents would say things (I didn’t understand). And then later, I could see why they said it.

When you understand that way, the understanding would never leave you.

I am engaged to Gianni Samaroo. It’s an Italian name, but she’s Guyanese, not Italian.

We’re together two years now.

I intend to scope out Guyana myself. I planting. Harvest time will come next year.

I’m 36 now and I know I don’t look like it. But that’s the peace of mind you get (from Kemet).

I was a DJ, too. I like to play conscious music. Bob Marley is a big part of it but there are many others.

Countries like China, India, spiritually, are different. All have a kind of obeying kind of way. They’re different from our “Sunday morning” kind of spirituality.

That Eastern side of the world is different. Better.

In Kemet, the pharaoh was the high priest. It was his duty unto God to make sure the nation was spiritually and physically well-off.

Not like the kings we have now, who just collecting. King Rowley, King Kamla, everybody.

Before I get into something, I have to know the “why.” So I always make sure I research my points.

I was into the Greeks and the Romans first. It made sense, but everything stopped when it got back to the Greeks. And I always questioned, why?

I did a little more research and found out the Greeks learned from the Egyptians.

I started to tie one or two things together and realised the Egyptian dynasty was much longer than we would think. The days of Moses were the days when Kemet was coming to the end!

Keron Ammon wears a Kemetic anks around his neck. He says, "In Kemet, the pharaoh was the high priest. It was his duty unto God to make sure the nation was spiritually and physically well-off." - Mark Lyndersay

I consider Kemet to be the great civilisation even before the Greeks.

At the end of the day, we all know the world before (tectonic plates shifted) was one (land mass). Places we might call “India” or “Africa” was part of one place.

Science is getting to answer that the truth is out there.

I’m not saying that the world started with Negroes — but it did with dark-coloured people. Not necessarily Africa but, somewhere on that side of the world it all began.

I will call it “Egypt” because we’re living in today’s world. But it was (originally) called Kemet.

And the philosophy of Kemet is the only thing that answered my questions when I was about 19 years old.

I realise they got (the philosophy of) Kemet from the human body: everything out here patterns the human body; everything has an input, an output, processing and storage. Computers have it. Cars have it. Plumbing and electrical circuits have it. The organisational structure of a business has it. Everything is patterned on the human body.

And that made me realise that, within you, you have the power! You’re not God, but you’re created in his image and likeness – and that’s where it becomes fun: we have some abilities, let’s work with them, see what it’s all about.

I rather wear an ankh than a big gold chain!

You don’t have to wear the ankh to receive spiritual blessings. It’s a matter of personal choice. The ankh just makes you aware that all your powers are inside you.

It is a symbol from Egyptian writing.

The circle, called the “shen,” represents eternity. The bar represents the object in space and time.

Put together, it is known as the life process. Any object dwelling in space and time (is for) eternity. That, by itself, I understand it and I like it.

Of course I’m worried about the state of the country, and not just because of who is in charge now or anytime. It has been going on for years and they’re doing the same thing over and over.

If BC Pires tell me he don’t believe in God, then I know he can’t believe in Trinidad political parties!

These people are not gelling the nation together, spiritually. And because everybody has freedom of choice, which they have to respect, they can’t do it!

On the whole, they have no plans, no intentions. Everything is just a hearsay and a wild move. And that is why they get the consequences they get and just don’t reach anywhere.

A Trini is a Trini in everything, our food, the way we speak, how we move, how we greet one another. That is us. A Trini must develop a love for himself.

Trinidad and Tobago, to me, means: me. This is the place that taught me everything I know and made me everything I am. And I could never be ungrateful.

Forget the politics and who say this or who say that. Let we just come together. Because we have enough resources right here at home for our entire population to succeed.

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"Ankh is a way"

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